Your residence in the Val d’Orcia

Your residence in the Val d’Orcia

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Your residence in the Val d’Orcia

world Heritage

Heaven and earth, meadows and vineyards, parish churches and ancient villages that show themselves

in all their splendor ... the pleasure of living in Tuscany has no boundaries.

The Val d’Orcia is the heart of an artistic, natural and cultural park elevated by UNESCO to the heritage of humanity. In a succession of hills, gullies and cypresses that accompany the medieval routes of the Via Cassia and the Via Francigena, stand the villages where time seems to have stopped. Val d’Orcia has always meant well-being: countless water springs rich in mineral salts and famous spas, where you can find health and beauty. Among the many magnificent villages, in Pienza, the culmination of humanistic architecture, culture and art seem to have concentrated: the sense of beauty and good taste can be found everywhere. In the evening, in the squares and in the alleys or on the farms that rise on the hills, the invitation to sit down at table with traditional Tuscan recipes is spontaneous, in combination with the prized glasses of local wines. The historical heritage and the food and wine traditions have contributed to transforming the whole Val d’Orcia into an internationally renowned tourist destination, visited every year by millions of travelers.

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